New TechnologiesImproving Solar Technologies

Absorbing the very last rays of our friendly sun, adds to the return of our investments. New technologies usually means more power for your buck. Mounting the solar panels on the mechanical structure that follows sun has been one of the techniques employed for getting more out of the solar panels.

Several factors play in design consideration of solar panels. For example:

  • Various locations on earth of course experience different intensity of sun energy. Equator wins the game and the rest falls below. Certain designs can compensate for these variations.
  • Number of sunny days versus cloudy days in a year.
  • Initial and maintenance cost.
  • Feasibility.
  • Space availability.

In respect to cost: Design ideas can’t be disapproved due to its high cost. The reason is that the cost is not a fixed figure. It depends to the demand of the market and quantities manufactured. A new technology might be expensive now, however it might take a different route when produced in a large scale.

With advances in computer simulation and data crunching, new technologies can be tested prior to reaching for a screw driver to start the work.

At MIT Research centre, cubes, towers, and 3D cells are becoming an attractive approach. Jeffrey Crossman at Power Engineering department says, “I think this concept could become an important part of the future of photovoltaics.” The full article regarding this new technology can be read at:

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