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Solar Roof Tiles are general terms referring to the physical appearance of solar panels. Existing normal PV panels do not support the idea of solar roof tiles. The reason is that solar panels are rigid, requiring the installation to be carried on via heavy duty frames and hardware. Cable connections and wiring are among other concerns.

To address the installation practicality as well as appearance of a solar panel installation, manufacturers are offering two solutions.

1- Flexibility

2- Modularity

If solar panels could be made flexible, they could fit into solar roof tiles category. The outdoor environment surrounding the roof experiences extreme temperature fluctuation. Flexible solar panels can satisfy the outdoor environment. They are easy to install, and since they are thin, they look part of the roof structure. The only thing likes to see is a better connection and wiring system for flexible roof tiles.

Let’s take a look at modular solar roof tiles:

A modular solar roof tile system can be thought of as Lego blocks. They not only look more pleasant, they also utilize a great sturdy wiring connection. When installed as a new roof tiles, it does look like part of the house construction. And from cosmetic point of view, it does not give you a patch work style look.


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