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A Lesson from Japan Tsunami

Radiation leak from Fukushima nuclear plant has forced more that 100 thousand people to stay inside. An unfortunate after math of tsunami earthquake in Japan has released radioactive materials into the air.

Atomic energy are used to power big cities, but how about its side effect. We might think we are in complete control, however nature can teach us who is in power. We are certainly the most energy hungry species on planet earth and we are also the smartest one. Humans have always been able to adapt and change their behaviour for better outcome.

Isn’t it time to seriously consider alternatives for our energetic appetite?!

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European Union Trade Negotiators are exercising their options in respect to provinces renewable energy policies. In Ottawa, there is going to be a meeting between European and Canadian negotiators. Some of the Canadian companies were effected by the new policy set in by the US government related to Government projects. This has encouraged Canada to seek other alternatives.

This is a very brief summary of the article written by Shawn McCarthy in The Globe and Mail of October 19, 2010.

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